Reasons Why It’s Important to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Marana, AZ to Negotiate a Better Settlement

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Lawyers

People who have been injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault typically want to avoid litigation and going to court. They would rather accept a settlement from the insurance company or negotiate a better settlement if possible. Even in these circumstances, having a personal injury lawyer in Marana, AZ for legal representation can be advantageous. Trying to negotiate higher compensation amounts can be tricky for someone without a legal background, but attorneys know effective strategies. They also are aware, or can learn fairly quickly, a ballpark amount of compensation for which a case is likely to be settled.

Insurers sometimes are slow to pay and to respond to negotiation attempts. A personal injury lawyer in Marana, AZ stays after these companies to convince them to provide reasonable compensation promptly. People must understand that an insurance company gains an advantage by stalling. First, the money in its accounts builds interest. Second, injured people are more likely to accept a less-than-stellar settlement as time continues to drag on. These individuals typically need money because they are forced to be off work for weeks or even months while they recover. Their savings become depleted, bills pile up, and collection calls begin.

Sometimes, an individual making a claim feels somewhat guilty about trying for a larger settlement, even if the accident happened due to not fault of their own. This person might feel that accepting a lower amount should be ok and that perhaps it’s not fair to hold out for more. It’s important to understand that insurance companies typically are extremely wealthy corporations. They have deep pockets and can afford to pay reasonable settlements to claimants who deserve the money. In fact, in many instances, a claimant should feel entitled to compensation above and beyond money for bill payments. Depending on the circumstances, a firm such as Price and Price Law may demand compensation for intangible factors such as reduced quality of life, traumatic stress and ongoing anxiety. A person who has been seriously injured may never feel as secure about life as they once did, and that should be acknowledged.

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