Look at Past Results When Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Maryville, MO

Look at Past Results When Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Maryville, MO

Every driver is well aware the roads become more crowded every year. This creates challenges for all drivers, but particularly for those riding motorcycles. Even the best and most experienced motorcyclists are extremely vulnerable to injuries from other vehicles.

Who’s to Blame?

* Bikers blame other drivers for not paying attention and cutting them off with no warning.

* Drivers of cars and trucks accuse bikers of being reckless and weaving in and out of traffic, expecting others to ensure the biker’s safety.

Who’s right? In Florida, a researcher found car or truck drivers were at fault in 60% of the accidents studied.

Most Common Causes of Accidents Involving a Motorcycle

Accidents involving motorcycles are 35 times more likely, per mile traveled, to result in a death than car-only accidents. Drivers often claim they didn’t see the motorcycle, but not paying attention such as when using a phone, is implicated in many vehicle accidents of all types.

* Head-on collisions with other vehicles account for 56% of the deaths of bike riders. In almost 80% of head-on collisions, the car hits the front of the motorcycle. These accidents are too-often fatal for the motorcyclist.

* Left-hand turns by cars pose the single greatest danger for motorcyclists, accounting for 42% of bike/car accidents. Intersections are especially dangerous. This type of accident can also occur when the motorcyclist is trying to pass or overtake a car.

* Lane splitting happens when a biker rides between two lanes of slowly moving or stopped cars, as happens in traffic jams. Accidents occur because of the close distances involved and drivers’ inattention to what is happening around them.

* Sideswiping by other vehicles can force a motorcyclist off the road or into oncoming traffic.

* Road hazards pose a much greater danger to motorcyclists than to other drivers. Potholes, wet or icy roads, dead animals, uneven road heights or unexpected objects on the road can be very dangerous for bikers.

* Swerving to avoid a collision can result in injury to the biker.

When looking for an experienced motorcycle accident law attorney in Maryville, MO, look at past results. Stephen W. Holaday, PC has obtained extraordinary results in some of his past cases. Every case is unique and results cannot be guaranteed, but past results should be considered when choosing a motorcycle accident law attorney in Maryville, MO. Visit Lawswh.com to learn more and contact the firm.

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