Sometimes Lawyers Make Mistakes

by | May 23, 2016 | Attorney

For many people, taking legal action against their lawyer is something they might find to be quite uncomfortable, but if they are a victim of professional legal malpractice it may be the only way to get compensation for the harm the lawyer caused.

Lawyers sometimes do make mistakes:

Lawyers are constantly involved in extremely complex legal matters, they are expected to deal with contracts and negotiations and unfortunately there are times when a lawyer will make a mistake that has a negative impact on the outcome of the case that he or she was hired to litigate. The lawyer may simply miss an important filing date or perhaps the paperwork was incomplete when submitted to the court. The errors that are often made do not necessarily indicate that the lawyer is incompetent but it does mean that the injured client has every right to hire Texas malpractice lawyers and sue for damages.

It must be said in defense of a lawyer that not every error can be seen as cause for suing for malpractice. A lawyer, no matter how good he or she is can only do so much during a legal action whether it is a negotiation dispute or a court trial. It is impossible for a lawyer to force his client to settle but, if the lawyer settled without the consent of the client then perhaps there is a valid case.

If the lawyer did commit legal malpractice:

If there is reason to believe that a lawyer misled his or her client, failed to meet specific guidelines and dates for example, the aggrieved client has the right to hire Texas malpractice lawyers and sue. Among the actions which do constitute professional legal malpractice is breach of contract, negligence as well as breach of fiduciary duty. If you believe that your lawyer committed errors that any reasonable lawyer would not have made then you have grounds for legal action against the erring attorney.  Contact The Kassab Law Firm at Follow us on

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