Starting a Product Liability Claim with a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson, AZ

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Attorney

In Arizona, product liabilities exist when manufacturers don’t comply with federal safety laws. These safety laws relate to consumer-based products that present a risk to the consumers and cause injuries. The manufacturer must test their products and eliminate all hazards. Any risk that occurs under specific conditions must be identified through warning labels on the packaging. A personal injury attorney in Tucson, AZ provides legal assistance for consumers who sustain injuries.

Contacting the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency has authority over all products released to the public. The government agency has the right to launch an investigation if a report is filed by a consumer. The investigation begins after a report shows significant risks to consumers and severe injuries.

Was There a Product Recall?

A product recall requires the manufacturer to remove their products from retailer’s shelves. The manufacturer must provide a full refund or repair the product when possible. However, if the risk is serious, the manufacturer must stop manufacturing the product until the risk is eliminated completely. The findings of the government agency’s investigation define what is expected from the manufacturer.

Forensic Testing of the Product

In a product liability case, the attorney requests forensic testing for the product. The victim must present them with the exact product they used. The product is sent to a lab for testing to determine if the consumer’s claim is viable.

What Type of Lawsuit Is Filed?

For an isolated incident, a lawsuit is filed for one claimant. However, if multiple consumers were injured by the same product, a class-action lawsuit is probable. With this action, multiple claimants are included in a single claim. The court will hear the claim of consumers with the most serious injuries first.

In Arizona, a product liability is based on injuries sustained by a consumer after using a specific product. The consumer must follow the packaging instructions exactly. Any deviation from the instructions could lead to a dismissal of the claim. Consumers who need the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Tucson, AZ can contact Price and Price Law Office and schedule an appointment right now.

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