Talk to an OWI Attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA About the Meaning of OWI

If you were intoxicated or inebriated while driving and were stopped by the police, you need to set up an appointment with an attorney to discuss your case. He or she can serve as an advocate and tell you how he or she plans to handle the charge.

What OWI Means

That is why you need to see an OWI attorney in Cedar Rapids, IA – a specialist in this area of criminal law. Some people, who are charged with a DUI or OWI, want to know the difference between these two acronyms. DUI is short for “driving under the influence” while OWI signifies that a driver was “operating while intoxicated.” Both of these terms mean the same thing and pertain to drivers who were driving a vehicle while impaired with alcohol or drugs.

Where the Term “OWI” Is Used

While DUI is used in some states, such as Illinois and Kentucky, OWI is the regularly used legal reference in states, such as Iowa, Michigan, and Indiana. These abbreviations simply reference an impaired driving charge. While an OWI attorney will help you with this type of charge in Iowa, a DUI attorney will help you in places, such as Alaska, Alabama, and California. In fact, DUI is the term used in most of the states in the United States.

Different Terms Apply for the Same Thing

If you live in Ohio, you won’t see an OWI attorney, but OVI attorney. In this case, the abbreviation stands for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Because drunk driving laws are mandated by each of the states, different terms can apply for the same thing.

Know Who to Contact If You Are Charged with an OWI

The legal limit for blood alcohol content or BAC is .08 in Iowa and 48 other states. In Utah, the BAC is set at .05. If you have been charged with an impaired driving offense, you probably have a lot of questions. If so, you need to contact a law firm that can answer all your inquiries. Choose a firm, such as JACOBSEN, JOHNSON & WIEZOREK PLC. That way, you can quickly get your questions answered and move on with your life. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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