Other Things a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester, CT Might Need to Know

While most people realize that personal injury attorneys need to understand personal injury law, they may not realize that personal injury attorneys may need to be familiar with other types of law when handling a personal injury claim. Here are just a few types of legal issues that a Personal Injury Attorney in Manchester, CT might encounter in the course of resolving a personal injury dispute.

Family Law

Generally, when someone is seriously injured, especially in the case of wrongful death, some damages are intended to replace lost wages for family members and to pay for loss of companionship. Today’s families are complex, so a personal injury attorney needs to understand if the law sees a difference between a long-term partner and a spouse or between step-children and natural children. Also, personal injuries are stressful and can lead to the dissolution of a marriage. A personal injury attorney should be aware of the possible ramifications of a personal injury award on the distribution of property in a divorce.

Wills and Estate Law

Depending on the injury, a victim may be unable to work. A settlement or award is meant to provide for the injured person’s needs for the duration of their injury or the rest of their life. An attorney may need to structure a trust to ensure funds are properly allocated to care for an injured person or to preserve funds for a person’s children.

Criminal Law

Accidents can happen even when a victim is also doing something wrong. When pursuing a personal injury claim, an injured party probably wants to avoid saying anything that can lead to criminal liability. Therefore, a personal injury attorney needs to have at least some understanding of relevant criminal laws.

Employment Law

If an injury occurs at work, an attorney may advise a client to pursue workers’ compensation. However, it is not uncommon for injured people to report feeling pressured to accept low workers’ compensation offers because of fears that pursuing larger amounts will jeopardize their careers.

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