The Benefit of Hiring a Wills And Estates Lawyers in Mesa, AZ

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyers

People may not feel they have enough of an inheritance to leave their children or grandchildren to bother with a will. Unfortunately, this belief has left many heirs fighting in the court system over the property. It is a common belief that the law will force family members to split whatever may be available equally, but there are a lot of exceptions to these laws that people neglect to consider.

It is an unusual situation today for people to marry and have children with just one partner. Whether couples are parted by divorce or death, most will usually begin relationships with others. Some will marry again; others will just live together over a period of time. These second partnerships often mean there are stepchildren and step grandchildren that may have some legal claim to the property as well.

Additionally, in most families, even if there are not a lot of items with a high monetary value, there are many things that have emotional value. This could be an old quilt, an inexpensive piece of jewelry, or anything else that meant something to a certain family member. It is not enough for a parent to tell a child they can have it, it has to be legally recorded to ensure that is what will happen.

A Wills And Estates Lawyers in Mesa AZ is the expert that will make certain that all property is accounted for and distributed as the client requests. They help remind their clients about things they may have forgotten if preparing a will alone with a software program or website template. When the time comes, the lawyer is able to quickly follow through with the instructions in the will. It prevents lengthy legal battles and saves family members time and money.

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