The Documents That You’ll Need to Bring When Meeting with an AL SSI Lawyer

Meeting with an SSI lawyer for the first time can seem like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t really have to be. As long as you are prepared for the SSI lawyer consultation in Alabama, everything should run quite smoothly. Here are some of the documents and paperwork that you will need to have before coming in.

Medical Records

While it is true that your lawyer will be able to obtain your medical records once you retain them, it is much easier if you have the records with you when you come in for your initial consultation. These medical records, combined with the opinions of any doctors who have seen you, will be the best evidence that you can provide the government to prove that you are truly in need of SSI benefits.

Employment History

The SSI staff will need to know your work history for approximately 15 years prior to the application. They will analyze the history to determine if you are capable of performing any of the work listed in this history as well as determine the likelihood that you’ll be able to perform any job within the economy.

Denial Letters

If you have already applied for SSI and have been denied, it is crucial to provide the denial letter at the SSI lawyer consultation in Alabama. This gives your legal team the opportunity to establish a plan to counter the denial and begin the appeals process. If you need an experienced SSI lawyer on your side, contact today.

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