The Service of 24-Hour Bail Bonds in Atlanta Allows Legally Innocent People to Regain Freedom

by | Jul 11, 2018 | Legal Services

A service providing 24-hour bail bonds in Atlanta helps people who are most negatively affected by the U.S. bail system: low-income individuals and those living in poverty. A person of means who is required to post $5,000 or $10,000 cash bail, or equivalent assets, in return for freedom before trial can do so without complications. Most defendants, however, cannot scrape together even $1,000 for bail.

Legally Innocent

Without the option of a bail bonds service, they would have to remain in jail after the arrest until their case is resolved. That could mean negotiating a plea bargain, or being fortunate enough to have a judge dismiss the case or the prosecutor drop the charges. It can also mean going to trial–a process that can have a long waiting period beforehand. Yet, legally, these defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

The Reason for Bail

Advocates for bail reform view this as an unjust system, but U.S. courts do not know how to get around it. A primary reason for bail is to motivate people to come to their hearings and court dates instead of running away after being charged with a crime. Their bail is returned as long as they follow the rules. When someone uses the services of 24-hour bail bonds in Atlanta, the bail is posted in the form of a bond by the organization in exchange for a fee. This organization now is responsible for how the customer behaves in regard to court requirements until the case is resolved.

Relevant Statistics

According to a 2017 report in The Atlantic, a full 70% of incarcerated individuals are behind bars because they cannot afford bail. That leaves only 30% who actually have been convicted of the crime they were charged with. In fact, a significant percentage of this 70% have not been formally charged by a prosecuting attorney, although they have been arrested by police officers.

Having to stay in jail increases the probability that the person will accept a plea bargain that is not entirely favorable for their situation. Instead, being able to receive service from an organization such as Free At Last Bail Bonds is a better solution.

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