Things a Cypress, TX Attorney Can Do for a Step Father and Adoption

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Attorney

If you are a stepfather and want to adopt your stepchild, it is possible to do this. However, you will need the permission of both the mother and the biological father. Obviously, you have already discussed this with your wife, but what about the biological father? Here are just a few things a child adoption attorney in Cypress, TX, can do for you.

They can find the biological father

Of course, there are no guarantees, but an attorney has greater skills and resources when it comes to finding someone. You don’t have this type of ability nor an understanding of how to go about it. Even if the biological father has died or is currently incarcerated, they can be found. Sometimes it takes time, but you need to understand that no matter where he is, the biological father must be found to get consent for an adoption.

They can get consent from the father

Lawyers are good with words and have persuasive skills. Even if you know the biological father and where he is, the very idea of another man wanting to raise his kid could easily trigger a negative response. This type of response could poison the water, and you will never get consent. A child adoption attorney in Cypress, TX, on the other hand, can explain the advantages of giving consent for adoption

If you want to adopt your stepchild and your wife agrees, the next step is to contact a family attorney. A good example of one is Business Name. You can get more information on their website.

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