How People in Kankakee Can Protect Themselves When Charged With a DUI

When a group of friends wants to go out and have a good time with alcohol involved, it is wise to choose a designated driver. This way, everyone will get home safe. While this is the best move that any group of friends can make, the unfortunate truth is that many people drive after drinking alcohol.

If a person gets pulled over after they have been drinking, they are sometimes their own worst enemy. It is important to understand that a fine line exists between being cooperative with law enforcement and protecting one’s own interests. A drunk driving attorney in Kankakee would likely advise a client that the last thing they should do when speaking with law enforcement is admit guilt. It is not that they should lie, but they simply do not want to incriminate themselves.

After a person is arrested, they have the right to speak with a drunk driving attorney in Kankakee in order to get advice. An individual does not have to wait until the arresting officer tells them that they have the right to counsel. As soon as a person is arrested, they have this right. Some cases have actually been thrown out of court because an arresting officer did not allow an individual to consult with an attorney.

It may be possible for a person to request an independent blood test after being arrested. This can help a person prove their innocence.

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