Traumatic Brain Injury: Filing a Lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ

Some of the worst injuries a person can suffer involve head trauma. Unfortunately, accidents can cause trauma to the brain, resulting in what is referred to as a traumatic brain injury or TBI. These are some of the most catastrophic injuries a person can experience.

Our brain injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ, explains how the severity of brain injuries differ and what symptoms to expect whenever this type of injury occurs.

Mild TBI

A mild traumatic brain injury is similar to a concussion. It often results in short-term, or in some cases, long-term problems. This can include loss of consciousness for a few seconds or a few minutes, headaches, minor memory loss, confusion, dizziness, and more. The damage can become worse if the person suffers more than one mild traumatic brain injury–such as multiple concussions over a period of time.

Moderate and Severe TBIs

Moderate and severe traumatic brain injuries have some of the same symptoms, but the severity worsens as the damage to the head becomes more traumatic. In the worst-case scenario, a person who suffers a severe traumatic brain injury may experience some of the following deficiencies.

  • Loss of consciousness: Unlike a mild TBI, a severe loss of consciousness can last multiple hours.
  • Memory loss: Memory loss can occur, impacting both short- and long-term memory.
  • Cognitive and sensory damage: Cognitive and sensory abilities can be damaged when someone suffers a severe traumatic brain injury making it difficult to even focus on day-to-day tasks.

Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries can happen from any head injury. Even the most minor of car accidents can produce a TBI. The person who suffers the injury is often left to deal with the long-term pain and suffering that comes with this type of injury. It’s essential for anyone who suffers TBI due to negligence to speak with a experienced brain injury attorney in Phoenix, AZ, for qualified legal counsel to seek compensation. There are often long-term ramifications from a TBI which need to be considered as a part of your claim. A personal injury attorney with experience with TBI’s will have trusted medical professionals and resources to not only get you the compensation you deserve, but to provide you with the care that you need to recover from your injuries.

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