What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Macon, GA Looks For in a Slip and Fall Case

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Accident Attorney

Many slip and fall scams occurred in the previous decades, leading businesses to be more careful when they do pay out after a slip and fall. Many people who are injured because of a slip and fall will need to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Macon, GA to get compensation and have their lawyer handle the case so enough evidence is gathered. This evidence proves they did actually fall and become injured in the store and that it was due to the store’s negligence. Some of the evidence that may be used includes the following.

Video Footage from the Store

The lawyer will need to work quickly to obtain a copy of the video footage from the store and may need a court order to obtain it. The video footage shows exactly what happened to cause the fall and can show the store’s negligence caused the accident. This is a crucial piece of evidence when it is available.

Witness Statements

Witness statements might help prove the victim did not cause a spill that they then slipped in. The witnesses might state the employees were already aware of the spill or that they should have been, and that it should have been cleaned to avoid any accidents. This evidence is especially valuable in places that do not record video footage during the day.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are used to show that the victim was actually injured in the fall, how serious their injuries were, and how much compensation they require. The victim should seek medical attention immediately. Even if they require ongoing care, the lawyer can use the current medical bills to show how much they have already spent on medical care and how much they will need in the future.

Previous Slip and Fall Reports

Lawyers may be able to find evidence of previous slip and fall accidents in the same store. This can be used to show a pattern of negligence, which helps prove negligence was likely when the victim was injured as well. It may also lead to the victim obtaining punitive compensation as the judge may order this to get the store to start being more careful to prevent future falls.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, make sure you get help from a personal injury lawyer in Macon, GA right away. VisitEblawga.comnow to learn more.

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