What Does A Bail Bond Agent In Stuart, FL Do?

What Does A Bail Bond Agent In Stuart, FL Do?

In Florida, bail bonds are used instead of bail to secure a criminal defendant’s release. The bail bonds are a more affordable choice for some defendants. Hiring a Bail Bond Agent in Stuart FL helps criminal defendants get released from the county jail faster.

Contacting the Criminal Court Clerk

The bail bonding agent contacts the criminal court clerk to obtain vital information. He or she needs the criminal defendant’s name and date of birth when contacting the clerk. The court clerk provides the bail bonding agent with details such as the booking number for the defendant, their exact charge, and bail assigned by the judge.

Taking Responsibility for the Defendant

Under some circumstances, a bail bonding agent can take responsibility for the criminal defendant. The judge releases a defendant into the bonding agent’s custody. The arrangement is used for criminal defendants, who are considered a flight risk. The bail bonding agent is responsible for getting the defendant to their scheduled court date.

Accepts Payments and Collateral

The bail bonding agent accepts payments and collateral for bail bonds. The agent calculates the fee for the bond according to a percentage of the bail. The fee ranges from ten to fourteen percent of the bail. The defendant or their representative pay the percentage, or they offer collateral.

The collateral accepted for a bail bond includes real properties, automobiles, and jewelry. The bonding agent may accept CDs, savings accounts, or other financial assets. The defendant or representative must own the collateral outright.

FTAs and Bounty Hunter Services

Any defendant that fails to appear at their scheduled court date is subject to a new arrest. A bench warrant is signed when they don’t arrive at court. Some bonding agents work as bounty hunters and will secure the defendant and bring them back to the court.

In Florida, bail bonds are a beneficial choice for getting released from the county jail. The defendant or a representative pays a percentage of the bail to secure the bond or provides collateral. The bonding agent could act as a bounty hunter if the defendant doesn’t arrive at their court date. Criminal defendants, who need to hire a Bail Bond Agent in Stuart FL are encouraged to submit Bail Bonds inquires now.

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