What Is The Vehicle Lemon Law?

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Lawyers

In 1975 Congress passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. The original intention of the act was to cover vehicle warranties as well as other consumer products. Since the act was passed all the states have passed what are commonly called vehicle lemon laws which supplement the original act which neglected to deal with refunds for defective products. Every state has drafted and enacted their own version of the lemon law; each version requires vehicle purchasers to take specific actions to remedy the situation.

Although the act covers a wide range of household and consumer products it most often applies to the purchase of a vehicle. Should the vehicle, this can be a family car, a truck or a motor home depending on the state statute develops a problem within the warranty period that cannot be rectified then certain actions can take place. Not every little issue is covered of course but in the event the problem has a detrimental effect on the operation of the vehicle or the safety and resale value then it applies.

Like most laws there are differences from one state to another. If you have purchased a vehicle and it has a defect that cannot be rectified then it is the responsibility of the owner to determine the action that must be taken. Although the rules do vary between jurisdictions the basic rule is similar; if the car has a defect that meets the criteria and it cannot be fixed after four attempts or the car is not available to the owner for 30 days then the car is covered by the vehicle lemon law.

Of course, manufacturers do not like having to replace the defective vehicle or buy it back; some may try to convince the owner that he or she waived their rights to recourse when the purchase contract was signed. Any clause to this effect in any purchase contract is invalid, regardless of the language used in the purchase contract the consumer is still protected by the vehicle lemon law of the state.

Laws are complex, lemon laws are no different. Knowing in advance that in-depth knowledge of the applicable laws are important to getting satisfaction it is always a good idea to contact a legal professional in your area. Many lawyers are happy to discuss the case with you, in the event they are of the opinion you have a strong case they often work on contingency which simply means that they don’t get paid unless they are successful in winning the case on your behalf.

If you believe your car meets the criteria of the vehicle lemon law in your state you have legal redress. For a review of your case you are invited to visit the web site of Krohn & Moss, Lemon Law Attorneys.

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