Deciding on Reasonable Settlement Offers for Car Accidents in Hawaii

by | Feb 24, 2016 | Lawyers

Car accidents in Hawaii can cause substantial injury to people and their vehicles. An injured person may receive a settlement offer from the other driver’s insurance company relatively quickly, but there may be some unanswered questions. What if this person believes additional compensation would be more reasonable? How long does it take to negotiate a higher settlement and receive the money?

Property damage compensation is generally more straightforward than personal injury compensation. If the vehicle is a total loss, the insurer will typically send a check for the replacement value as determined by an official authoritative source. In some instances, the personal injury aspect is also straightforward. The person may have suffered a relatively minor fracture in the leg, for example, and have received medical treatment. There may have been a certain number of days off work, and thus some lost wages. This individual knows what the medical bills tally up to and what the loss of income was, and that’s what he or she expects from a settlement.

In many cases, however, the injury is more severe. Car accidents in Hawaii may cause a need for hospitalization, several surgeries, repeated treatments such as skin grafting, and ongoing physical therapy. It can be impossible to predict what the total amount for medical bills will be and how long the individual will not be able to work. Even when the patient becomes strapped for money, it’s important not to accept a lowball settlement that justifiably should be much higher.

A law firm such as Yoshida & Associates can help move the process along by sending an expert demand letter detailing the reasons for a higher settlement. If possible, the injured person should wait until doctors verify maximum medical improvement and all medical bills are tallied up. Sometimes the individual needs money sooner because they are at risk of losing their home, or they have to file for bankruptcy. In that case, aggressively pursuing a better settlement and accepting the negotiated amount early may be the most suitable option. The person will be required to sign a form that releases the insurer and the other driver from any further liability. See the website for more information.

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