What Should You Know About Bail Bonds in Atlanta

When a person is arrested on suspicion of a crime, they are required to stand before a judge within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after their arrest for their bail hearing. At this hearing, the judge approves or denies bail and sets the bail amount and type. While small bail amounts are typically easy to pay, some defendants can end up owing hundreds or even thousands in bail. When this happens, the defendant has the right to hire a bondsman for Bail Bonds in Atlanta.

To hire a bondsman, the defendant, family member, or a friend will be required to pay the premium. The premium is typically around 10% and is controlled by the state of Georgia. Bondsmen, at their discretion, may sometimes charge less than this percentage. Once this amount has been paid, it is not refunded, even if a defendant is found not guilty and shows up for every court appearance.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they hire a bondsman for Bail Bonds in Atlanta is not showing up for their scheduled court dates. Failure to show up causes the judge to release a bench warrant which further adds to the trouble the defendant is already in. This also allows the bondsman to find the defendant, apprehend them, and bring them in to stand trial. In some cases, this also increases the cost for the one who signed the agreement with the bondsman.

When using a bondsman’s services, it is imperative a defendant is aware of their responsibilities and stays in contact with their bond company. There are many things a person can put up for their premium payment, depending on what the bondsman allows, including:

  *    Cash

  *    Credit card payment

  *    Bank accounts

  *    Real estate deeds

  *    Jewelry

  *    Cars

  *    Bonds

Although being arrested can be frightening, especially the first time, a bondsman can make the process less frightening, helping a defendant to get out of jail as soon as possible, so they can return home to their families and their job. Many bondsmen are able to get their clients out of jail in as few as twenty-four hours or less. If you are in need of these services, contact Free At Last Bail Bonds.

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