What to Know About Co-Signing a Bail Bond

by | Mar 16, 2018 | Legal Services

A bail bond is when someone signs a contract to ensure the person who has been arrested will show up at their court date or the entire bail amount will have to be paid. This is a great option for those that cannot afford to pay the entire amount of their bail. The bail amount is set by the judge depending on the severity of the crime. There are certain things that a person should be aware of before co-signing on a Bail Bond in Dekalb County.

Who Can Co-Sign on a Bail Bond?

The criteria for who can co-sign on a bail bond is different in each of the 50 states. There are state laws that decide which factors must be met. Some of the most common are the person must be a United States citizen and have a residency in which they have resided for a certain number of years. They also need to have good credit and established employment history. Something has to be put up for collateral as well.

Responsibilities of Co-Signer

The biggest responsibility of the co-signer is to get the person who has been arrested to their court date. If they try to avoid this, the entire bail will have to be paid. The person will also have to go back to jail once they are found. Any information the co-signer knows about their whereabouts will need to be disclosed to the bail bondsman. Any other legal responsibilities should be discussed with the co-signer before signing the bond.

Additional Criteria and Stipulations

Once a person has been arrested, they need some way out of jail unless they are okay with staying there. If they convince someone to post a bond on them, that person can request other stipulations be written on in the bond. Some common examples of this are therapy, anger management classes, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or a mental health evaluation.

The bail bond company works with the responsible party to get the individual out of jail and help to walk through the entire process. They are often a local company. To find out more about a Bail Bond in Dekalb County, visit the website.

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