When Does an Injured Worker Need a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Winnebago County IL?

Worker’s compensation claims are not always easy to go through. When an injured worker’s employer or the insurance company denies the claim, it can be stressful. Thankfully, injured workers have the right to hire the Workers Compensation Lawyer in Winnebago County IL. A lawyer can help their client with each step in the process so they can receive the fair benefits they deserve for their injuries.

Why Are Injured Workers Sometimes Denied?

One of the most common reasons for worker’s compensation claims being denied is a lack of medical evidence. A lawyer can greatly help their client by gathering evidence, helping their client seek medical treatment with the right provider, and conducting depositions with medical professionals. Proper medical records will help an injured worker to prove their injuries and any lasting disabilities they may have so they can receive the fair benefits they deserve.

A lawyer fully understands how much their client’s case is worth so they can help ensure they get a fair worker’s compensation settlement. There are a few factors that influence the value of an injured worker’s case:

  • The extent of injuries suffered and the limitations the injuries left behind
  • The disability rating
  • Whether the disability is permanent or temporary
  • The previous wages being made by the injured employee
  • The cost of past and future medical care

Should a person find their claim is denied, they can seek an appeal hearing. This is when it is more important than ever to hire a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Winnebago County IL. The lawyer will prepare the entire case to ensure it can be properly presented to the judge. The judge will be the one to make the final decision when a denial is given by the insurance company.

Can Injured Workers Sue Their Employer?

Although an injured worker cannot sue their employer, they may have the right to pursue third-party claims, depending on the circumstances. If another party’s negligence contributed to the injuries, the injured worker, may have the right to pursue a lawsuit against that party.

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