When Are Estate Planning Attorneys in St. Peters Missouri Required?

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Many people don’t have their family’s future planned quite as well as they should, and this often comes down to estate planning. Estate Planning Attorneys in St. Peters Missouri are needed for virtually everyone, whether they have a lot of money or not. Estate planning is about ensuring the family is as well cared for as possible in the future, and this is something that a person of any socioeconomic status can appreciate and relate to. Here are a few reasons that working with an estate planning attorney can be so important today.

How Property and Other Assets Are Divided After Death

An Estate Planning Attorneys in St. Peters Missouri helps their client make sure that property like the family home, vehicles, and all other assets are divided as intended upon their death. The division of assets can also include the distribution of life insurance policies, annuities, 401k retirement accounts, other types of retirement accounts, and much more. Whether the assets are intended to go straight to one person or should be divided among a dozen people, the estate planning attorney can make sure it happens in the right way.

Care of Minor Children or Other Family Members

When a person passes away before their children are adults, the care of thosea young people can sometimes come into question. Unless the deceased person has left a will or trust that explicitly states how the children should be cared for and who should be responsible for their care — the case must be decided by the court. A well-planned estate is one that provides for the well being of the children, both physically and financially. This part of estate planning can also be applied to disabled adults or others who may need some extra care once their caregiver passes away. The family is safe with the help of a good estate planning lawyer.

To properly plan for the future, speak to an experienced estate planning attorney today. The Estate Planning Niedner Law team draft wills, assist in estate planning and represent their clients in court when needed. They serve clients in the O’Fallon, St. Peters and Saint Charles, Missouri areas.

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