Getting Help From Auto Accident Lawyers in Norfolk, VA

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Lawyers

Automobile accidents are very commonplace in today’s times because everyone seems to be in a hurry or some part of the automobile fails. Yet, a lot of people who are injured in the accidents don’t know what to do or how to make the best of the situation. There are automobile accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA who help clients to understand their position in automobile accidents. These are some things clients need to know.

Understanding the Law Concerning Auto Accident Injuries

The first thing a client should be aware of is the statute of limitations for any kind of personal injury, including automobile accidents. In Virginia, that time frame is two years from the date of the accident and injury. If the client fails to file the lawsuit for the injury in a civil court within that time, any opportunity to be heard in court will be gone. Also will be gone is the opportunity to collect damages from the incident.

More about the Personal Injury Law

Virginia also employs a law called contributory negligence which will adversely affect the outcome of the client’s case if proven. Contributory negligence is a harsh rule that states that if the defendant in the case can prove the client is even one percent at fault for the accident, he or she can collect nothing from the accident. This blunt reality makes it almost imperative to hire an experienced attorney.

What to Do If the Government is at Fault

Should the case be that the accident was caused by a city or county government employee or entity, the client has only six months to let the government know. If the accident is with the state government, the client has one year. In any case, the government has to be allowed to respond.

Who Can Help with the Case

Price Perkins Larkin are attorneys who have been providing personal injury solutions for clients in the Norfolk, Virginia area for a long time. The attorneys represent clients in all types or personal injury cases. If any parties are in need of automobile accident lawyers in Norfolk, VA, they are available, and can be visited at their website.

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