When Trust is Betrayed: Doctors and Malpractice

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Lawyers

Going to a doctor’s office confers a certain level of trust between the patient and the doctor. A person wouldn’t trust a doctor with the almost intimate details about their current physical condition if there was no trust involved in the process. Simply put, a patient trusts a doctor to keep the details of their condition between the two of them and to enact a method that could hopefully help them with whatever ails them. If the doctor were to perform an act of gross negligence or even intentional duplicity, this trust is broken which damages the doctor-patient relationship.

How to know When your Trust has been Compromised
Your trust can be compromised in wide variety of ways when it comes to medical malpractice resulting in large variety of personal and physical consequences. For example, your doctor could have shared the details of your medical condition with his friends or colleagues outside of the context of medical treatment. This could be done out of a sense of amusement or simply relaying what they think of you based on your condition. Other violations of trust come in the form of your doctor utilizing procedures that actually cause more problems than they actually solved for the sake of personal gain. This was seen in the case of a doctor who had some of his patients undergo cancer treatment when they did not have cancer. If you have experienced a situation similar to this then it can be said that your trust in your doctor has been compromised.

Is it Within a Person’s Rights to Sue?
You have a right to your own privacy as well as your body not being violated by wrongful medical practices. When these rights are violated you do have the option of seeking compensation from the individuals that have wronged you. That is why for people in St. Charles tend to approach medical malpractice lawyers when it is evident that their trust in their doctor has been grossly violated. Compensation can manifest in a wide array of possible methods such as financial compensation or even medical treatment to correct the problem that you were subjected to in the first place.

Just remember, it is not your fault that your trust was violated. You did nothing wrong and it is the professional you approached that should have done their job properly who is at fault for what happened to you.

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