When and Why a Person Would Need an Insurance Claim Attorney in Silverdale

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Lawyers

Homeowner’s insurance is purchased with the thought that the homeowner will be covered if anything happens. If their home is completely destroyed in a fire, they expect to be compensated for a rebuild of the home and the items inside the home, depending on the limits of the policy. If their home is broken into, they expect to be able to file a claim to repurchase the items that were stolen. Often, however, it’s not as easy as just filing a claim with the insurance company. A person may need to hire an insurance claim attorney in Silverdale to help them with their claim.

Most small claims will be passed through the insurance company without issues. If a person’s roof is damaged, the insurance company will typically send out an inspector to determine the amount of the damage and ensure that it matches with the estimate provided by the roofing company chosen by the homeowner. Then, once everything is verified, they’ll pay to cover the expense of repairing the roof. Issues tend to arise with larger claims, such as fires that destroy the entire home. In these cases, the insurance company and the homeowner may not agree on how much the claim is worth.

When a person has tried filing a claim with their insurance company and the insurance company either denies a valid claim or refuses to offer a settlement that’s within the constraints of the policy and sufficient to cover the damages, the homeowner may want to hire a lawyer. They’ll want to choose a lawyer who is well-versed in insurance claim adjustments and who understands how to read the policy and look at the damages to determine how much the homeowner should receive for the emergency.

Although most insurance claims proceed without issue, many do not. When a person is unsure of whether they’re being offered an adequate settlement or the insurance company denies a valid claim, they should hire an insurance claim attorney in Silverdale for help. This way, they can be sure they’ll receive a sufficient amount and will be able to restore their home to the way it was before the emergency. For more information on insurance claims, Contact Otto Law Offices today.

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