When Would You Consult With A Family Law Lawyer?

by | Mar 11, 2016 | Lawyers

People that are involved in a familial relationship will turn to a family law layer in Houston TX when they require legal assistance or advice. The lawyer’s clients can be the husband or wife as well as grandparents, legal guardians or even the children. There are numerous issues that are handled by a family law lawyer including:

  *  Divorce actions
  *  Child support and visitation rights
  *  Pre-nuptial agreements
  *  Wills
  *  Guardianship, and much more

In most practices the main task of a family law lawyer is dealing with legal separation and divorce. The couple will each have their own legal representative, through their lawyers they attempt to come up with an equitable division of marital property, deal with child custody and visitation and determine how much money is needed to care for the children. Of course, the lawyers representing the parties both try to get the most favorable results for their client, in cases where issues are impossible to settle the case will be taken to family court where a judge will make the decisions based on the information laid before him.

There are good times as well:

A family law lawyer in Houston TX is not only hired in times of stress such as to deal with a divorce action, the lawyer can also be called upon to represent people who are in the throes of a good time in their life. If a couple have been unsuccessful in conceiving their own natural child they often turn to adoption. In some adoption cases there can be numerous hurdles along the way, all of which eventually must be cleared. A seasoned family law lawyer can guide his clients through this maze, ensuring that when the adoption id final it is in complete accordance with the law. In adoptions a lot has to do with the specific jurisdiction and the age of the child, there will be different approaches to the way the case is handled. In some cases the natural parents have to give up all their rights to the child in question while in other cases the birth parents may retain certain rights that they can elect to exercise should they wish.

Many people who are preparing to marry will hire a family law lawyer in Houston TX and have him draft a pre-nuptial agreement, this agreement lays down a set of guidelines that are used should to divide property in the event of a future divorce action. The lawyer can also be called upon to draft post-nuptial agreements which take into account changes that happen during the course of the marriage, especially the birth of children.

If you are faced with any of the numerous complexities which are common within a family you may need legal assistance. If you need a family law lawyer in Houston TX you are invited to contact Trey Yates Law.

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