Identifying The Repercussions Of A Conviction With Sexual Assault Attorneys

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Legal Services

In Kansas, sexually-based crimes are defined by the age of the victim, if malice was present, or the ability to provide consent. Any victim that is underage cannot provide consent. Individuals who are facing this crime could receive a minimum of twenty years based on their infraction. Sexual assault attorneys are available to help these individuals.

What Constitutes Sexual Battery in Kansas?

Sexual battery in Kansas is defined by touching an individual in a sexual manner without their consent. However, the crime may also include instances in which the touching wasn’t sexual but the goal to acquire sexual satisfaction was present. This infraction incurs a prison sentence of one year and a fine of around $2,500. This crime is considered a class A misdemeanor.

What Is Aggravated Sexual Battery?

Aggravated sexual battery applies to cases in which the victim was at least sixteen years old. It is defined as any unwanted sexual contact that isn’t intercourse. In these cases, the victim is overpowered by the perpetrator, unconscious, or lacks the mental capacity to provide consent. This could include forcible oral sex. This infraction incurs a prison sentence of up to one hundred thirty-six months and a fine of $300,000. The crime is considered a level 5 felony in Kansas.

Reviewing the Penalties for Rape

Rape is considered forcible penetration of any kind, and the penalties for these crimes depend on additional factors. Adults who are convicted of raping a child could receive life imprison and a $500,000 fine. If any fraudulent acts are associated with the rape, the accused could face forty years in prison. If there aren’t any additional circumstances of the offense, the accused will more than likely receive a sentence of up to fifty years and a $300,000 maximum fine.

In Kansas, anyone who is convicted of a sexually-based crime is ordered to register as a sex offender, which could prevent them from acquiring a job in settings in which children are present. It could also affect where they can live after release. Anyone facing these charges needs to hire sexual assault attorneys by visiting our website for more information. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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