Where Can I Get Advice on Property Division in Deerfield?

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Lawyers

When divorce disputes over property in Deerfield can’t be solved by calm discussion, it’s time to bring in the expert advice of Deerfield property division lawyers. While the logistics of divorce may seem as simple as a 50/50 split, disputes over ownership of property, funds, or value of items can turn divorce discussions from calm to chaotic in an instant.

Discovering the Dispute

While many claims to ownership are cut and dry, like possessions owned prior to marriage or items specified under a prenuptial agreement, deciding how to divide things like real estate and furniture can be a more convoluted affair. If there is a dispute, it is wise to contact an attorney immediately.

Property Fairly Divided

Deerfield property division lawyers know that Illinois courts try to divide property fairly. That’s why it’s important that you effectively argue your case for your property before a judge. Deerfield Property Division Lawyers can assist you in this crucial task.

Factors to Consider

An Illinois judge will take into account many factors when deciding how to divide your marital property. These factors include, but are not limited to, how much you each contributed to purchasing and maintaining the property, each individual’s fiscal responsibility, the duration of the marriage, and the inevitable tax consequences. Other matters under consideration will have custody of the children, the economic circumstances of each individual, and the value of property assigned to each spouse. It should be noted that marital fidelity is not taken into account in Illinois.

The End Outcome

While arguments like, “She cheated on me, so I should get more” will be immediately thrown out, Deerfield property division lawyers are equipped to help you ask the right questions and provide the right arguments. While it may seem preferable to settle outside of court, when polite discussion fails, it’s time to bring in the experts.

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