3 Benefits Of 24 Hour Bail Bond In Stamford CT

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Bail Bonds

When a person is arrested, it can be a very scary time. The most important thing at that time is that they get out of jail. Shortly after the arrest, the individual will go before a judge to have their bail set. Until they can come up with the money, they will need to remain in jail. This is where 24 hour bail bond in Stamford CT can help. There are a few benefits of seeking the help of a bail bonds agent.

Saves Money

The main reason that people work with bail bond agents is that it can save them thousands of dollars. When the judge sets the bail, the individual would need to come up with only 10 percent of the ordered amount. The bail bond agency would cover the rest. For example, if the judge sets the bail at $10,000, the individual would only need to come up with $1,000. If the individual were to pay the bail themselves, they could get the money back after the court case is complete. If they use a bail bond agency, they won’t get their money back. The 10 percent that they pay is the fee for the agency’s services.

Get Home Sooner

When is arrested, it can take a while for their family to come up with the money to get out of jail. If they work with a bail bond agency, they can get home much sooner. In most cases, the bail bonds agent will need less than an hour to get the paperwork processed and filed with the court. If the individual wants to spend as little time as possible behind bars, they should contact a reputable bail bonds agency.

Bail Bond Agencies Understand the Legal System

If the arrest is the person’s first, they may not understand the bail process. If they work with a bail bond agency, they will have someone to navigate them through the process. Not only will the bail bond agent be able to explain to the individual what needs to be done before they are bailed out, but they will also let them know what is expected of them after they are released.

Getting out of jail in the number one goal after an arrest. The best way for them to get out quickly is to work with an agency which provides 24 Hour Bail Bond in Stamford CT. For more information, browse our website.

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