4 Signs It’s Time to Get a Divorce in Summit County

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Not every relationship lasts and sometimes the ending is for the better. But what if you aren’t sure if it’s time to contact a divorce lawyer in Summit County ?

Here are 4 signs it might be time to get a divorce:

1. Infidelity

Without any prior discussion or agreement, spouses should only be intimate with one another. If you discover your partner is having an extramarital affair he or she is breaking your trust. Marriage is based on trust and if your spouse cheats that trust is broken – possibly forever.

2. Living Separate Lives

Sometimes couples grow apart. Some relationships even reach a point where each person is on their own unique schedule living a life separate from their partner’s. Over time, this situation starts to feel like two ships passing in the night. You start to sleep separately, go to different social events, and eventually have nothing in common any more.

3. Dishonesty

Some people are never honest. They might not even be honest with themselves. If you’re in a marriage where there is constant lying, it can be tough to maintain the relationships.

4. Abuse

Every couple fights, but there’s a line where fighting crosses into abuse. Fights should never be physically or emotionally violent. If either spouse is under attack or there is a spirit of violence in a marriage, it’s time to end things. The same is true if any children in the family are victims of abuse.

Divorce is never a happy experience, but it can be the best solution for everyone in a family in some cases. Call Bloch & Chapleau, LLC for a divorce lawyer in Summit County today.

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