Three Things to Bring to a Visit with a Dayton, OH Accident Attorney

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Attorney

A consultation is the first step in getting help from an automobile accident attorney in Dayton, OH. The consultation is the first meeting that a person has to see if they qualify for representation. The following three items should be brought by the should bring to the appointment.

Police Reports

The automobile accident attorney in Dayton, OH will want to look at police reports. The reports explain the details of the incident from the perspective of a law officer. They will give the attorney an idea of how challenging the case may be.

Evidence and Documentation

The person should also bring documentation and evidence that supports their account of the events. Such documentation may include pictures, videos and statements from people who saw the incident or were involved in it themselves. The evidence and documentation will help to establish innocence or fault with the other parties involved.

Money for Services

Finally, the individual should not show up to the consultation empty-handed. The person should visit the automobile accident attorney in Dayton, OH with enough money to retain their services if both parties agree. The individual should start the representation as early as possible so that the lawyer has enough time to build a solid defense.

The attorney will listen to the story and decide whether or not the case is viable. They will offer services if it seems feasible, and the other party can decide whether to invest in the services.

Those accused can contact Business Name to schedule a meeting to discuss a case.

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