Acquiring Assistance from a Lawyer in Rockwall, TX for a Premise’s Liability

by | Jul 27, 2016 | Law and Lawyers

In Texas, property owners must evaluate their building and identify possible risks. These risks present the potential for accidents that lead to serious injuries. Visitors and patrons that enter the building have the legal right to expect safe conditions. Federal and state regulations enforce the need for these safe conditions. A lawyer in Rockwall, TX represents victims who were injured due to unsafe conditions.

Start with the Hazardous Condition

The victim must identify what hazardous condition led to their accident. The most common conditions are structural issues that are unstable and require repairs; however, conditions such as chemical spills in retail stores often lead to accidents. The exact condition determines if the hazard related to a building code or safety policy violation.

Review Why These Conditions Weren’t Managed Properly

The property owner is required by law to remedy any condition that may present a hazard. If they had previous knowledge of the condition, they are liable if they didn’t attempt to fix it or warn visitors of the danger. The attorney must determine why the owner didn’t manage these requirements.

Show How the Owner Is Liable

The owner is liable when they lease out their property for a public event as well. They must ensure that all conditions meet building code regulations, and include terms in the lease to prevent liabilities based on the host’s failures. Ultimately, the property owner is liable if they don’t provide a safe space initially.

Present All Evidence to the Court

The attorney compiles all evidence for the claim when the motion is filled. They show how the owner’s liability led to the victim’s injuries, and they explain the victim’s exact injuries and how they impacted their life. They also present the victim’s full medical expenses for the accident.

In Texas, property owners must manage maintenance requirements for their building. These requirements prevent avoidable accidents associated with visitors and patrons. They also reduce the liability of the owner if they prevent access to dangerous areas. Victims of a premise’s liability should contact a lawyer in Rockwall, TX at the Law Offices of Tim Hartley or visit website name for further details today.

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