Hiring Orange County CA Best Truck Accident Attorney

Being in a truck accident is a scary time for anyone. Being injured, losing your truck, being out of work for an under-determined amount of time, suffering life-altering injuries -; these are all things that can turn your life upside down. Hiring orange county CA best truck accident attorney is a very important part of the claims process. However, the only part where lawyers cannot guide you is the time immediately after the accident, so here is some basic, but fundamental advice:

  • Although a traffic accident is an unpleasant and even traumatic event, you should try to stay calm and act rationally. Try to memorize everything that happens.
  • Whenever possible, take pictures of everything, damage to vehicles, objects that have been damaged, and if possible, the final position of the vehicles involved in accidents before they are removed from the scene.
  • If it exists, request personal data from any present eyewitnesses. Their testimony in your case can be vital to the outcome of your claim.
  • You should report the incident promptly to the police. They will take your statements and those from the witnesses involved. They will check the damage from all vehicles involved and analyze “in situ” possible traces or remains at the scene to reconstruct the accident. Afterwards, they will write up their police report.
  • Try to be friendly with the other party. If this isn’t possible, fill in the paperwork yourself and try to be as complete as possible.
  • Whether or not you have serious injuries, you should go to the nearest hospital to get checked out. They will perform a thorough physical examination to ensure there are is no serious trauma. Experience reveals symptoms initially appear days or weeks after an accident.
  • Remember you have 7 days to report the accident to your insurance company. Hire orange county CA best truck accident attorney as soon as possible because every day counts.

You should immediately contact an experienced attorney to handle your claim. The sooner the better, because the case has to be analyzed from the beginning to avoid making mistakes that can be considered negative for the future development and resolution of the case. For more information contact your local lawyer today or visit The Soliman Firm.

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