Tips on How to Behave Properly at a DUI Checkpoint in Charleston

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Lawyer

If you are living in a city where DUI checkpoints are a regular occurrence, you may be fearful of being stuck in one and not knowing what to do. There are quite a few ways to act and not to act when waiting for the police to ask you questions. These are just a few of them as recommended by a DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, SC.

Remember Your Rights

No matter whether you have had a few drinks too many or you are completely sober, you still have rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. One of these rights is to not incriminate yourself. If the police start talking to you, you do not have to say anything which may incriminate you. Keep in mind that refusing a sobriety test can still place you in jail, but since there are no results from a test, they cannot be used against you in a court of law.

Remain Calm

Looking overly worried or panicked does nobody any good, except for the police. After all, if you have not been drinking, then you have nothing to hide, If you have been drinking, you certainly don’t want to attract attention to yourself. Remaining calm is key to not alerting the police officers that there may be something amiss. Of course, if you do end up getting arrested, you should call a DUI defense lawyer in Charleston, SC.

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