How Car Insurance Personal Injury Protection Attorney Can Protect You

Not every state requires PIP coverage, but Florida is one of the ones that do for drivers with cars. It may seem straightforward, but if something were to actually happen, you want to make sure you’re covered. However, due to the fact that PIP law can become complicated if your insurance company rejects a claim and won’t pay the medical provider, getting a lawyer is in your best interests. Here are a few reasons that attorneys can help you when it comes to cases dealing with car insurance personal injury protection in Miami.

1. Knowing the Ins and Outs of PIP Law
Even though filing a claim in a no fault car accident may seem straightforward after going to the hospital, there are many ways that providers can try to get out of paying the full amount due to your medical provider. For example, PIP law firm Shuster & Saben points out that something as simple as not treating a patient within 14 days can lead to reduced paid benefits.

2. When Going to Court is Necessary
As per, PIP coverage pays for 80 percent of reasonable medical expenses from the accident, 60 percent of lost wages, and $5,000 in death benefits. While the entire idea behind PIP coverage, which is required to be purchased by drivers in Florida, is to avoid the use of the court system and lawsuits to regain financial loss from an accident, PIP claims can also become mired in an insurance company’s resistance to pay. However, sometimes it’s necessary to involve a lawyer when car insurance personal injury protection in Miami doesn’t come through for you or your medical providers. If you need to go to court to get your medical bills fully covered, this might be the only way.

Florida is one of only a handful of states in the United States that require PIP insurance coverage, and the requirement has its ups and downs. The key is knowing what to do if your PIP coverage isn’t paying out the way you need it to, and the answer is to call an attorney.

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