Using the Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Newnan, GA for Your Case

Holding the person or people responsible for your pain and suffering accountable after an accident can be challenging. The other party may try to blame you for what happened, or threaten to call law enforcement in a bid to get you to go away.

However, as the accident victim, you do not have to stop your attempts at gaining compensation. You can hire a personal injury lawyer in Newnan, GA to act as your representative. Your attorney can file the legal motions in court to convince the responsible person to pay what he or she owes you.

Putting the Responsible Party on Notice

Your attorney can put the responsible party on notice right away by filing a lawsuit against him or her. This suit gives the person 30 days to respond, either by going to court against you or by offering you a settlement to dismiss the case. All actions regarding the case can go through your attorney’s law office to spare you from having to talk to the other person involved.

If the other person decides to offer you a settlement, that offer can also go through the law office representing you. Your attorney will make sure that the amount is reasonable for your pain and suffering. You can learn more about hiring a personal injury lawyer in Newnan, GA by contacting The Law Offices of Diane M Sternlieb.

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