Truck Accident? Only A Truck Accident Attorney Will Know Your Needs

Truck Accident? Only A Truck Accident Attorney Will Know Your Needs

When you’ve been involved in an accident with a truck, don’t sit back and believe that your insurance claim will be as straightforward as a regular automobile claim. Accident response teams will be sent immediately from the trucking company to plan their defense against any injury claims. Employing a truck accident attorney who is experienced in both truck regulations and state laws, will rapidly increase the viability and expectations of your claim.

The Statistics Speak Loud and Clear

For every eight accident fatalities on our roads, one will involve a large truck. 4% of injuries are sustained during a motor vehicle crash instigated by large trucks. Incredibly, of all commercial truck accidents, 77% of individuals injured and 86% of those who died are passengers or drivers of the smaller vehicle tangled in the accident.

Statistics show that accidents where commercial trucks are involved have continued to rise by 10% since 1992. Many of these accidents may be caused by the long hours the drivers work on the road, a failure to apply the speed limits so they can meet their deadlines, or more simply put, the pure size of the lengthy trucks.

The effect on the smaller vehicle can be extreme when you consider the difference in size and weight of the vehicles involved. Your truck accident attorney will be able to explain the differences in the more complex nature of filing a claim after a truck accident, compared to a regular car crash. The additional industry standards and safety regulations affecting your claim are understood completely by expert professionals.

The Trauma Can Often Be More Than a Small Vehicle Accident

Because of the higher potential for substantial injury, death and destruction of the smaller vehicle, the likelihood of trauma is dramatically increased when an accident involves a large commercial vehicle.

A regular automobile accident can be managed by attorneys who specifically work in that field. In comparison, when you consider the number of vehicles on the road, there are far less attorneys that are able to file your insurance claims and lawsuits after a truck accident.

It is vital that you seek advice from truck accident attorneys with vast experience and knowledge, that will work hard to bring you a satisfactory result. While your local small vehicle attorney may believe they can help you, they may not be as familiar with the rules and regulations associated only with commercial trucks.

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